alcohol addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is very treacherous and need to aware. When you have the friend, sister or brother who addicted drug or alcohol, in short term, perhaps you are not disrupted by their behavior. But, in long term, you will feel your life is disrupted. For example, your brother is drug a addict and he live in same house with you. Every day he always angry and do not everybody talk. I am sure you will fell discomfort in your home.

Maybe you had become target of his angry even though you fell have no problem with him. You will fell he is as weird people. Most of drug or alcohol addicts have difficulties to communicate with other. They tend to border their intercommunication. The other indications of drug or alcohol addicts are they do not want to work, do not want to go to school, and will be an introvert personality. Imagine if the drug or alcohol addict is a breadwinner.

Over time, his family will experience a financial problem. Family income decline because the breadwinner does not work anymore and expenses increase because there is an useless additional expenses that are buying drug and alcohols. What should you do? Could they be rehabilitated by themselves? Most addicts need some help from other people. If you experience like that, please look for assistance from professional.

You could help them through contact a rehabilitation centre. Find drug rehab as soon as possible and choose an institution that provides a free counselor which give best guidance and a proposal for real solution. First, you could browse internet, ask to other friends or contact addiction watch to find addiction treatment. You are recommended to call addiction watch because this institution provides free counselor and would give you a clear understanding for drug and alcohol abuse. This institution has network partner spread throughout the territory of the United States. Wherever you are, you will be referred to the nearest rehab place that most appropriate to your problem.

You might recommend addiction watch to your friends who are addicted alcohol to find Alcohol treatment or your friend who has the family members who are addicted to drugs. The initial steps are easy. You just pick up the phone, tell your problems and follow the most appropriate recommendations Finally, you need to aware that in long-term, addiction to alcohol or drugs could cause a death. By the time, consumption level of drug-and alcohol will increase until the body is not able to receive again. It is called overdose. Because of this, call immediately, protect your loved one.


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