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When you are looking for Health Addiction Alternatives assistance we can help. Call 1-800-468-6933 I am glad that I am here at this drug rehab at the tender age of 21. Lots of people say that I am not a real drug addict because my problem didnt go on for 10 or 20 years. I wasnt shooting up or my problems arent as bad as theirs. I dont want to be doing this at the age of 40 or after. I lost all my family, friends and possessions.

I feel that however big or small my problems were, it was enough for me to say that I was done. I have lost enough friends, family and possessions. I am here at a drug rehab so I have a chance for a normal, happy life without a lot of stuff. I was sad, mad and tired. Obviously something wasnt working in my life. I needed to try something new and Im glad I did.

Getting a good grasp on how effective health addiction alternatives can be difficult and not without struggle and research. There is a key reason why most people even look for health addiction alternatives and that reason is that someone they love suffers from addiction and is in need of services or support. Health addiction alternatives, therefore, can mean the difference between life and death. This makes health addiction alternatives a very serious topic and not one to be brushed off to rumor or gut feelings. Find out the truth about health addiction alternatives today from experienced counselors who have researched health addiction alternatives for years and whom will share their wealth of information and experience with you without charge. It can mean the difference between life and death for the person you love.

When dealing with addiction treatment it is important to understand exactly what is meant by treatment. The Encarta dictionary defines treatment as; Way of handling somebody or something the particular way somebody or something is dealt with or handled. When it comes to addiction treatment there are many different modalities or methodologies surrounding various forms of treatment. This can all be very confusing to loved ones under stress looking for effective solutions to addiction. Narconon Arrowhead is a long term and non-traditional form of addressing the problem. We deal with not only handling the cravings that come with addiction but also address the life skills needed to confront and handle the guilt and depression that so often accompanies addiction.

The goal is a drug free and productive life free from the many traps that addiction presents, and not just cessation of drug use alone. Generally speaking a clinic is a medical facility (usually out-patient) which specializes in a particular condition or area of medicine. A drug rehab clinic would be a medical facility that more often than not offers services directed at the cessation of drug or alcohol use. This is an important part of addiction recovery but is far from the entire story. Many drug rehab clinics use other drugs and medications in an attempt to handle the drug the individual is having problems with i. e.

methadone clinics, etc. While it is sometimes medically necessary to wean a person off of their drugs of addiction or alcohol with the use of medication it is the minority of cases. This of course would need to be decided by competent medical professionals and professional medical advice should be heeded. Long term use of replacement drugs or medications is not the answer to creating drug free productive lives. Any treatment for addiction usually includes handling alcohol abuse. There is of course alcoholism itself, which is simply the name given to alcohol addiction.

In addition to this, statistics at Narconon Arrowhead show that alcohol abuse quite often accompanies other drug addictions and must be handled as well. The idea that one can quit his drug of choice but still abuse alcohol is a dangerous idea. As drugs or alcohol are generally used as crutches for painful situations (mental or physical) in ones life, substituting one drug for another (including alcohol) can be seen as no solution at all. Effective handling of alcohol abuse, or any other substance abuse, involves confronting and controlling those life situations that are creating the need or desire to escape through alcohol or drugs. When one can be more comfortable in life without drugs or alcohol than with them, then the need or desire for them will cease. Drug symptoms are various and quite numerous depending on what drug or what combination of drugs are being abused.

One thing is clear however when addiction exists the drug use controls the individual rather than the individual controlling the drug use. Some drugs stimulate, some depress, some hallucinate, and all of this can vary widely depending on the types as well as quantities being abused. At Narconon Arrowhead testing and interviews are done concerning drug symptoms, and are then done again and again. The story and the picture of the individuals addiction will then get clearer and clearer and the fog of addiction lifts more and more as the program is progressed through.

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