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Our mission statement is to give realistic appraisal of the treatments and therapies currently available. We then make that information available to you, so that you can make a balanced and informed decision on what you should do. We want to brutally honest, because these two situations are spiralling out of control. Many of you chose to visit your medical professional many years ago, after feeling very sad or anxious. You were having trouble coping and it seemed reasonable to go to the local doctor or Psychologist to seek help.

All our lives we were taught if we are sick or in need of help, we just go to the doctors and we would get the help we needed. …This is where the Prescription Medication journey now began, where will it end…? A very small percentage of people who choose this route, receive short term help, but even fewer people benefit from medication long term. For the majority of Australians, Prescription medication starts a horrendous journey. They begin a life of skipping from medication to medication, sometimes 3 to 4 medications of various types at the one time, dosage to dosage, at the end we are made to feel we have failed.

How can we fail when we go to a Doctor and beg for help, only to be put on the drug merry go round, for many many years. The drugs such as Xanax and others, make us addicted, we cannot survive with them, many of these prescribed drugs have many side effects, some weight gain, panic attacks insomnia, etc and in many many case these drugs which are prescribed to us by Doctors result in suicidal thoughts or worse suicide. Other suffers are talked into multiple ECT programs (Shock Treatment) which boasts a very modest success rate, most end up with severe short term memory loss and their condition only worsens. For those people invariably we end up hospitalised in a mental facility or clinic for our own good. I say the system has failed us when we have reached out for help.

Many of you reading this have become so addicted to prescription drugs you cannot function in a family environment and many of you cannot keep a job. You are made to feel like you have failed again… What would happen if the Doctors were builders. They build houses, but the buildings fall down over 90 percent of the time, how long would they hold their builders licence. Yet they have a low success rate rebuilding our minds and self worth. I am not saying the doctors are bad people or deliberately go out to hurt you, they only know what they know, they honestly believe they are helping you by prescribing billions of dollars a year of drugs to Australians.

A natural approach to most Mental Health challenges, is far more effective and has a far better chance of a positive outcome. The first step to educate your brain to effectively cope with stressful situations. Your self worth has to be restored, then these changes to your neural pathways have to be consolidated. When you are ready and can cope, and in consultation with a General Practitioner who will monitor the weaning off the medication, as your vital organs will need to be monitored to protect against seizures. Remember, Prescription medication addiction is every bit as debilitating as any illegal drug addiction, some run hand in hand, as the person will take whatever drug they can to get by.

We have recommended several retreats on this page for you to look at, as this procedure is best done under a controlled environment, take the time to view them. When you make the decision to get off illegal drugs because you have had enough, or worse you have been arrested for associated offences to keep the habit going. Your family and friends don’t understand, they love you but have had enough. So you book into a government or government rehab facility which on the most part are excellent at what they do the detox. The monitoring of your vital organs during the detox process.

Although most times the detox hospitals use legal drugs to combat illegal drugs. The problem is little or nothing is being done to overcome the reasons behind your addictions, so most people don’t even make a day when they leave the rehab hospital. without getting stoned or drunk the same day they are released. Imagine what is going through the families minds who were hoping there loved one was getting the help they needed, and all would be well. Only to find out their loved on is off the rails immediately, total despair.

In most cases there are triggers behind addictive behaviour, and unless these triggers are addressed once and for all, the behaviour and addiction will continue. That is a reality. Many of you reading this right now are living this situation, having themselves been to multiple rehabs and hospitals, only having the situation getting worse not better, as the feeling of hopelessness spirals out of control. We believe the natural approach with help from doctors during the detox is the only way to effectively address illegal drug addiction. Take the time to go through these alternatives.

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