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Hundreds of people who had hip replacement surgery using a Zimmer Durom Cup implant prior to July, 2008 are now experiencing complications that doctors never anticipated. They are having pain long after the normal recovery period, needing to have revision surgeries to take care of defective implants, incurring high medical bills, and losing wages from not being able to work. Zimmer Holdings, Inc., manufacturer of the Durom Cup, claims that their product is not defective; however, they have been offering settlements to some patients which shows they are accepting some liability. Although Zimmer has been accused of reacting to the problems too slowly and not accepting the liability for the failed implants as they should, in October, 2008 they did announce that they had set aside a fund of $47. 5 million to pay lawsuit claims.

They are still adamant that their research showed no defects in the product. Many physicians still aren’t convinced. Zimmer took the Durom Cup off of the American market in July, 2008 and then reinstated it the next month along with an online training program which doctors must complete prior to being able to do hip replacements surgeries using the cup again. Half of all the doctors involved declined the offer saying that taking the training would be a waste of their time. Through all of this, everyone has had a lot of stress to deal with, especially the hundreds of patients with defective Durom Cups who are awaiting further surgery.

Read the rest of this entry » Weight Loss - The Best Way To Approach The best way to approach weight loss is to understand your body first and in order to do that you must consult your doctor or dietician. After carefully examining and understanding your present health state they will be able the draw out the best exercise for fat loss for you. Body building is a great way to achieve fat loss; on the other hand, fat loss is a great gateway to body building. The weight training exercises can have a two-in-one effect, turn the fat loss into body building muscle mass. The overall global picture regarding people who are overweight is not so good.

Even the WHO (World Health Organization) had pointed out that if things continue this way, overweight and obesity could become a global concern in the coming years. There is a big difference between the matter of weight loss and body fat loss, and so if you are anyone who is concerned about health then you will want to understand the difference so that you can be aware of what you should and should not do. Read the rest of this entry » Are You Addicted To Marijuana? There are many ways to accomplish your goals. If one of your goals is to quit marijuana you can learn how.

Don’t wonder if you can quit weed, discover how to stop smoking marijuana today. You can do what it takes to quit smoking weed. If marijuana has had a bigger influence in your life than you wanted it to then you can uncover the methods to quit smoking weed. You are not alone in your desire to quit weed. There are scores of people who want to quit marijuana.

Join them in discovering how to stop smoking marijuana. Don’t let another day go by without checking out a way to quit smoking weed. Smoking marijuana everyday can run your life. You are taking a risk unless you quit smoking weed. Don’t take risks that you don’t have to take.

Find out how to quit smoking marijuana today. If you are going to take risks in your life make sure they mean something. Don’t take a risk that offers no reward. Learn how to stop smoking marijuana. Then you can calculate the risk and reward with a clear head.

Read the rest of this entry » How Do You Choose the Right Health Insurance? How do you choose the best health insurance policy? The answer really depends on your situation in life. Someone who is young and single is going to have far different needs than someone who is older and has a family depending on the health insurance. If you are shopping for health insurance plans, here are some of the considerations you need to make.

One of the first choices you may need to make is which structure your health insurance policy will have. The three most common are HMOs, PPOs, and POSs. An HMO, or health maintenance organization, is probably the most affordable option. However, you will have many limitations with an HMO as to which doctors you can visit, and there is often a lot of paperwork you must go through in order to obtain certain medical procedures or get a visit with a specialist. In an HMO, your doctor is paid a set fee each month for each patient under his care, regardless of whether or not a particular patient receives care that month.

You are required to visit doctors who are in the HMO. Read the rest of this entry » One of the big political tennis balls being bounced around Washington these days is the issue of health care coverage for Americans. After a while, listening to the debate gets tiresome and maybe a little irritating, but there seems to be an important factor being left out. Unmarried adults. We always hear about the need for families to have health insurance, especially when young children are involved, but we almost never hear of the twenty and thirty-something singles.

Most young people are relatively new to the work force and as such are often working in entry level jobs which don’t offer the best benefit packages. It is not unusual for recent college graduates to take jobs which don’t offer health insurance. The ugly truth is that this category of citizens often get overlooked when it comes to health care. Another reason why many young adults are in this position is the invincible mentality of youth. People in their twenties and thirties are in the prime of their lives.

They have never been more healthy, never felt better, and never had such optimism for the future. Young adults have a tendency to live as though they will never get seriously ill, suffer a debilitating injury, or contract a chronic disease. They tend to believe those things are reserved for older folks. When something does go wrong, far too many are not prepared. Read the rest of this entry » It’s not the easiest thing to do, but you can quit smoking marijuana.

You can quit smoking marijuana just as easily as your best friends have. Everyone but you and few unkempt friends of yours have quit smoking marijuana. Don’t you realize what it’s doing to you? Don’t you see the people differently when you are high? Well when you are high people see you differently too.

You think you’re cool and understand everything being said to you, but you can’t. You don’t see yourself looking bewildered. You don’t see how people look at you when your eyes don’t follow theirs in conversation. You can stop smoking marijuana, and you should, it is controlling you more and more. You make more excuses to go outside at parties, functions and now people are starting to notice your absences.

You aren’t usually out with the cigarette smoking group, you’re way out in the yard walking in the woods or across the street now. Stop smoking weed. You can do it; it might take getting some help. There is a wide variety of help on the internet, there are websites geared to those wanting to quit.

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