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In our self development efforts, we work towards achieving our goals and desires, and we very often realize naturally, that a 'Financial Success System' often ultimately brings us to, and require us to face the 'spiritual' or require us to have 'spiritual healing' - for us to have Through personal development, we continue to put our energy into our chosen 'financial success system', once in a while, we are compelled to rest during periods of exhaustion from chasing after material gains, when our minds stills and wonders perhaps momentarily, that there is something more than mere physical or materialistic attainment that there is some invincible force or law upon which we must grow with and pay attention to as well to realize our dreams we have a sense of calling for spiritual healing Personal development with spiritual healing can be a Financial Success System and is achieved in many ways, the most notable include meditation and alternative therapy techniques. We also learn from another's personal experiences, books acting as our teachers and perhaps, a systematic program of mentoring and coaching. Some of us are in the process of healing from something from a failed relationship, from a failed business venture or from the pains of failing in our careers. We seek advice, help, and often in desperation and on brink of giving up.

Yet, often, something invincible pulls us up to try again, to learn and do better. This is our spirit healing us, the 'invincible' aspect of personal development process spiritual healing that gives us hunches, create synchronicities in our lives meeting the right people at the right time to bring us to the next level of development, be it financial success or recovery from failures of our lives. It is often during our times of great sorrow and distress, we are forced to look outside our physical reality for answers and inspirations. We are pushed into a corner where nothing seems possible anymore it is during such times that we ask, .

. There has to be more than this, there has to be something that I am missing, that I need. What is it? , and thus, we seek and we find clues.

Small clues perhaps in the beginning, as small clues would surely lead to bigger/stronger/clearer clues. Such spiritual healing in our personal development process are wonderful glimpses into another reality that our physical senses often miss. Such times are our spiritual retreats a space and time for us to sense with feeling and knowledge beyond our minds reasoning and logical thinking. That is the state that I am able to be now, and being in that state is KEY in my personal development and a financial success system that comes with spiritual healing, inner peace, love and joy.

After the many ups and downs, 'pushed to the corner' and 'retreats', I have researched, studied, applied, tested and improved on the various teachings - some of ancient origins, some of modern adaptation and here I share it with you, my beloved friend - so that your journey is easier, or perhaps you are pushed into a corner now and felt a certain need for an alternative perspective in fine-tuning your strategy for success, your personal process, your personal financial success system. Do you remember how it feels like when you have just awaken from a dream? Or just snapped out of a day-dream? The sudden realization of which is reality and which is imagination?

If you can reverse the feeling ie. watching yourself deliberately enter into a day-dream, and as you start your day-dream, feel the feeling of suddenly snapping awake, and enter into your beautiful, all wonderful, all successful landscape of your day-dream, then you would have achieved mastery in meditation technique. If you can feel what you see with your eyes closed as your reality and feel what you see with your eyes open as your imagination, you have achieved pervasive meditation. This can be easily achieved with proper guidance and technique.

When we are able to see the world as it is, we are in a meditative state. From that state, we live as spirits in physical bodies. But, the 'KEY state' of 'being' for financial success is different for different people, although fundamentally based on the same source, the same state of being. We each have our unique 'stamp' or 'tone' or 'color' that we blend with our 'KEY state' of being.

Thus, with the many different techniques, methods, technologies and systems shared here for personal development, it is my hope and intention for you to discover your own inner path, using the same 'ingredients' from the menu of choices, but crafting your own unique 'recipe' from your personal inner wisdom and inner calling. To help you find that innner wisdom and voice, I share my experiences of personal development as well as others who have applied the 'secrets' and as you pursue and craft your own financial success system, inevitably, you find inner peace, joy, unconditional love in your being and your unique 'Key state'. Also, these pages are written as much as I can, with a spiritual energy to guide you, mentor you and lead you to your own infinite wisdom, for the greatest treasures are WITHIN you. I am here as your 'success & spiritual tour guide' and a friend who loves you, for I see and feel in you so much more than perhaps you initially believe in yourself.

I see and feel so much magnificence, so much beauty, so much potential in you - the infinite possibilities in you, that which my teachers and masters have seen and felt in me before I realized it, until I walked my path, with them as my 'guides' and rediscover myself. With words in these pages, I hope to impart that 'guiding energy, feeling, thought' into your consciousness, so that you shall easily and naturally 'rediscover' your inner magnificence. Such is the Financial Success System that is also a spiritual journey and discovery! It is a joy to have you here, to be able to share within these pages with you, what others have shared with me.

Others have smiled upon me and touched my soul, now I am smiling upon you and to pass on what was shown to me. We know how it feels like and what results we have achieved living as physical beings. Once we live as spirits in physical bodies, our perspective changes, and the healing effects of such change is immediate and wondrous. Staying in a state of living as spirit is where we need practice and diligent guidance/support from those who have walked the path and able to share the wisdom of their experiences.

For many, our physical reality is our only reality. In this reality we pursue our dreams of wealth, prosperity, health, love, happiness and harmonious relationships. This is where most of us are at and so, we shall meet here and start here. We journey along, in pursuit of your dreams.

As we journey, as we walk the path to glory (and handle momentary despairs along the way), we shall touch the invincible, feel the sense of inner knowing, expand our awareness, go through spiritual healing and bring peace within ourselves and share with others. Thus, we start from where we are and go where we go. The miracle, the beauty, and the awakening lies in the journey. This website is dedicated to walking our path with light and love, with awareness and joy, with spiritual guidance and companionship.

Our immediate reward is it is a proven Financial Success System, but the long-term rewards are much, much more. . . .

Welcome and enjoy your exploration!

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