Depending on how you take your suboxone, you do not need to wait long before you can eat food. Usually, it’s safer to wait for about 15-30 minutes. This is just precautionary but not necessary. Suboxone is what is considered a partial opioid drug.

It is used a means of treating drug dependency. Since it is not a full opioid like Heroin, Methadone, Morphine and the rest, it only gives the patient partial effects. Suboxone reaches a ceiling, which means that you will not get any higher even if you took more of the drug. This helps wean dependency as well as safeguard against overdosing.

How to take Suboxone Suboxone is taken sublingualy, which means you place it under your tongue and allow it to dissolve into your system. Most opiate addicts will want to sniff or inject this drug. When this happens, you will go into what is known as precipitated withdrawal. If you are addicted to drugs or any other opiate besides buprenorphine, you will go into precipitated withdrawal within 15 minutes of taking Suboxone.

The first sign will be spacing out. You will get a high that is akin to being stoned. The Naloxone in Suboxone should not be ingested. Which brings us to the topic at hand… Can you eat food after taking suboxone?

Usually, there isn’t any problem with eating after taking Suboxone. It is however advisable to wait a few minutes after taking the drug sublingualy to allow for the Naloxone to precipitate. Either that or you can simply thoroughly rinse your mouth and spit out the water to make sure there are no traces. To answer this question, yes, it is perfectly okay to eat after taking Suboxone.

There is not set time limit to how long after you have to wait. Most people are concerned about taking Suboxone on an empty stomach. When it comes to food, Suboxone has no adverse effect except that some people, most people actually, experience a great deal of appetite loss when on Suboxone. This means that you will not be inclined to eat much.

You should try and force yourself to eat either way because this loss of appetite can and does cause rapid weight loss. This might start affecting your blood pressure and overall health. So, if you are up for it, it is perfectly fine to eat right after taking Suboxone. Even before works just as well.

Just try not to keep an empty stomach the whole time in order to avoid adverse weight loss.

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