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When you are looking for Alternative Mental Health assistance we can help. Call 1-800-468-6933 Im really happy to complete the Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Program. When I got here I was a complete mess. I was confused and depressed. Today Im a happy, bright and a drug-free person who got her body and mind clear. Im able to communicate with and confront myself and others.

Also, Im really happy because my friend came from New York City to see me graduate. I havent seen her in months and she was and still is the person who supports me. A.C. Welcome to alternative mental health. Alternative mental health has the purpose of assisting those in need with addiction related matters as well as recovery related issues. The staff at alternative mental health will go the extra mile to help you locate the information you need to make the best decision you can about addiction and recovery. At alternative mental health we assume a life is at stake since millions of people have died trying to sort through the myriad of contrary information about addiction on the internet.

Let our staff at alternative mental health help you discover for yourself the exact right answer to your addiction related issues. Effective drug or alcohol rehab starts with really understanding exactly what rehabilitation is. Rehabilitate in its broad sense means to restore to a previous condition. Any rehab to be effective needs to address the three factors which lead up to and cause addiction to continue. These are mental and physical cravings, quilt, and depression. Drug and alcohol abuse stems from mental or physical pain an individual does not wish to confront or deal with.

The drugs or alcohol only appear to alleviate these conditions and after a time contribute to them as well as creating new sources in and endless cycle and trap known as addiction. Confronting and effectively handling the conditions brought about by cravings, quilt, and depression allows the addicted individual to truly rehab him or herself and so be restored to a previous condition or at least as close as possible. Narconon Arrowhead is much more than a detox center where the individual simply quits using for a period. Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab methodologies fully handle the above factors allowing one to truly rehabilitate a previous condition and so remove the need for further drug or alcohol use as a false solution to living the life they want. Is there such a thing as Ecstasy addiction? Many think so.

But even if the user doesnt become addicted there are very real dangers that exist. Tragically, Ecstasy is one of the most popular drugs among youth today. It is estimated that more than 10 million people have tried the drug at least once the vast majority being teenagers and young adults. Mixed with alcohol, ecstasy is extremely dangerous and can, in fact, be lethal. Instances of death from ecstasy have been reported after only one use. Emergency room incidents have skyrocketed over 1200% since ecstasy has become a drug of choice at all night raves and dance clubs.

Rehab programs come in all sorts of flavors and sizes. There is inpatient vs. outpatient, long term vs. short term, drug free vs. drug use, traditional 12 step vs. non-traditional approaches.

Narconon Arrowhead is a long term, drug free, non-tradition, inpatient facility. We operate from the viewpoint of results obtained and not time spent. The individual stays until a drug free productive life is obtained. Average time is 90-120 days, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. We are drug free and non-traditional in our approach, never considering replacing one drug with another as anything else but foolishness. Many replacement drugs used are more harmful and potentially addictive than the ones they seek to replace.

All rehab programs are not equal, ask questions and insure your loved one is getting what they need to not only get clean, but stay clean. Alcohol and drugs are often separated out in addiction thinking for some reason. These both are actually in the same category. All drugs are essentially poisons. A small amount of a drug will act as a stimulant, a little more and it will act as a depressant, and given enough of any toxic substance and it will kill you dead. Alcohol definitely falls into this category.

In the case of extreme alcoholism withdrawal from use can be one of the roughest of all drugs and can be life threatening. Once withdrawal is accomplished the rehabilitation of an alcoholic is quite similar to that of a drug addict A thorough, complete, and long term handling of cravings, guilt, and depression resulting from and being perpetuated by the alcoholism.


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