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Most people know the health risks to smoking, even most smokers, which is why most smokers try to quit smoking from time to time. The increased risk of developing serious diseases like coronary heart disease is just too high. Smokers are also aware that smoking causes lung cancer. Luckily, there is plenty of help at hand, if you want to quit smoking.

The health risks to smoking make it worth trying every means possible to give up. One of the most unfair health risks to smoking is the effect that secondhand smoke has on people who do not smoke - innocent people, often children and babies. Bar and restaurant staff may also suffer respiratory disease from the secondhand smoke from customers who smoke despite the use of extractor fans. The family of a smoker also suffers in the home and on car journeys from secondhand smoke.

Exposure to tobacco smoke has been linked to many chronic health problems in non-smokers and even to sudden infant death syndrome. The health risks to smoking addiction are so great that it is truly amazing that anyone smokes at all. The main reasons why to quit smoking are the chronic adverse health effects like cardiovascular disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, damage to blood vessels, coronary heart disease and lung cancer. Smoking also results in other health problems like bad general health and shortage of breath.

Smoking cigarettes is the worst form of smoking, since it is responsible for most of the secondhand smoke, which causes adverse health effects in people who do not even smoke. Secondhand smoke may even be the cause of sudden infant death syndrome, which are all good reasons why to quit smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking then I am sure that you are trying to use any possible method to help you including exercise to quit smoking. The bad news to the question is that there is no specific exercise to quit smoking, but the good news is that all exercise will encourage you to stop smoking.

If you are trying to use exercise to quit smoking, try swimming or jogging. After a few minutes exercise you will realise that you have to do something about your health pretty quickly Quitting smoking statistics are different from area to area, country to country and even continent to continent. Therefore, if you are looking for quitting smoking statistics, you need to be quite specific. For example, percentage wise, the quitting smoking statistics are worse for Glasgow than for London and worse for Asia than for Europe.

Please click through to our page for more details on quitting smoking more statistics. It is more difficult to get free smoking patches in some countries than in others, but there are several things you can try to get them. You could keep your eyes peeled for cheap patches that are approaching their sell-by date, but if you want completely free smoking patches, go over to our web page for some more suggestions.

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