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We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is growing more and more health conscious by the day. Many people are quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol and eating healthier. Part of the change in diets for many people is adding green tea. However, some individuals do not realize that there is caffeine in green tea. They just assume because it has a wide range of health benefits that there is no down side to it. If you are on a specific diet and are not supposed to consume caffeine, you need to consult with your medical care provider before you add green tea into your diet.

Although green tea has been proven time and time again to be a great benefit to overall health, it does have a bad side. The caffeine that is found in green tea, however it is a minimal amount it is still there. You and your doctor will need to discuss the benefits to drinking green tea and the effects caffeine can have on you. Let's discuss some of the effects that you can experience from consuming caffeine. For some individuals they need to consume quite a large amount of caffeine before they begin to experience any effects, for others the effects can begin almost immediately after consuming it. Common issues related to caffeine are problems sleeping, shaking and heart palpitations, to name just a few. There are many people that can not handle caffeine, even in small amounts.

Therefore, manufacturers have made some green tea in caffeine free. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy the benefits of green tea. Without any ill effects from the caffeine. Caffeine is found in a wide variety of products across the globe. For example, many soft drinks such as soda has caffeine. Products containing cocoa beans, coffee and tea all have caffeine in them, unless they are manufactured and labeled as decaffeinated of caffeine free. If you think you will have a problem dealing with the caffeinated version of the green tea, you should purchase the decaf version.

You will still benefit greatly from the drink. Although, there is concern that the healing agents within the green tea are not as good in the decaf as the caffeinated. The flavor is not compromised either. Therefore, you should still consume green tea on a regular basis. If you are seeking the full benefits from drinking green tea, it is suggested that you drink a minimum of four glasses per day of the caffeinated version. This increases the antioxidants and increases your metabolic rate. If you do not suffer any ill effects from the caffeine, you should by all means continue with the green tea in its original version.

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