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Herbal remedies can support the body in many natural ways, whether by aiding the body’s own detoxing processes, or by building up the immune system. They are available in several forms, including fresh or dried herbs for tea, and herbal supplements. Bear in mind that the strength of different herbs and an individual’s sensitivity to them can vary. Some herbs are very powerful and should be taken with care. Herbs should not be used in therapeutic doses for more than 3 months, unless recommended by a qualified herbalist.

Consult an expert too, prior to taking herbal remedies, if you are taking any prescribed medication, or if you may be pregnant. Taking herbs in the form of a tea has a double benefit, since the herbs are combined with water, which in itself helps to flush out toxins. Some herbs can be combined, but, to avoid overloading your body it is best to focus on easy recipes and stick to a combination of just two or three. Seek the advice of a qualified herbalist if you are in any doubt. Super savvy me is a popular website for women which offers plenty of advice about keeping your stress levels down and your well-being up.

In addition to drinking herbal teas, there are many other positive steps you can take to support your body and mind, so it worth keeping an open mind and seeing what you can learn online. To make an herbal tea, pout a cup of boiling water onto one teaspoon of dried herb or two teaspoons of fresh herb. Leave to steep for ten minutes, then remove the herb by straining the liquid. Most herbal teas are usually taken as one cup, three times a day. You will probably have some useful herbs in your kitchen cupboard – sage improves digestion and rosemary helps clear thinking, for example – and nettle, which relives allergies and asthma, can be found just about everywhere!

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