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As Dutch scientists believe if every day to drink about 20 grams of a wine it’s possible to live by 5 years more. But the conclusion of the Dutch scientists is concerned only men exceptionally. As the scientists say the lifetime begin to come down sharply if wine is consumed in the lager quantities then 20 grams. “A wine is associated with a decrease of risk of death because of the coronary deficiency and problems of the cardiovascular system“, reads the article published in the edition of the Journal of The Epidemiology and Community Health. The researchers have found that men drinking not more then 20 grams of alcohol per day live about two years more then those who do not drink at all. On the contrary, life of those who drink more then 20 grams begins to decrease.

At the same time, who drinks only a wine lives two and half years more then lover of beer and other strong drink. And five years more then a teetotaler. The research is based on data that was got during the observation of 1373 men between 1960 and 2000. Women were not taking into consideration. The scientists focused not only upon a kind and quantity of beverages, as well as upon a presence of the cardiovascular system diseases, body weigh changes, diet and smoking. The results have been found correct for all socio-economic groups, type of diets and way of living.

It’s need to mark another conclusion of scientists: number of Dutch men, that consume alcohol, almost has doubled for four decades from 45% in 1960 to 86% in 2000. During this period of time number of wine lovers has increased from 2% to 44%. In addition to a wine consumption there are others heart-disease prevention techniques: the reduction of the cholesterol level in the blood, the blood pressure and body weight control, the physical training and correct nutrition.

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